Saturday, September 15, 2012

RED black & GOLD for San Gennaro!

Celebrating my Italian flirting with cops and eating street meat!

San Gennaro:  What's not to like?

Well, actually...a lot.  Streets overflowing with tourists (many intoxicated), weird old guys, and the excess roaming into SoHo and thus disrupting my shopping. But my girl Erica and I had a great time on Saturday.

What's to like about San Gennaro?  The food!  And the refillable frozen drinks!

Sunglasses brought to you courtesy of five dolla sunglasses on St. Mark's Place.  You know how I do. 

AND MY OUTFIT!  I'm wearing a vintage school-girl style dress, and old Nannette Lepore kneesocks. For accessories, I added a belt that you can purchase HERE, which goes perfectly with my trusty Marc Jacobs bag.  Nothing goes better than black, gold, and red. 

There are tiny gold crucifixes in my ears, but since I was already wearing so much gold and the belt is such a statement piece I didn't wear much else in the way of jewelry.

And my shoes make me a little sad because I purchased them at Irregular Choice in SoHo, which closed.

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