Monday, September 24, 2012

Brooklyn Brunch

A Brooklyn Brunch that lasted til 7 PM

My friends and I have no concept of time.

Needless to say, when I got home from Brunch I ate dinner...

My sunglasses are from one of the vendors on St. Marks, my jacket is Levi's 501.  My shoes (which are barely visible in this shot as they match the cement) are thrifted little booties.  I'll take another pic so you can see the detail.  The shirt under the jacket is another gem from

You can see the shirt a little better in this instagram...It's really cute and it has a hi-low style that's so hot right now.  I paired it with thrifted red corduroys but I think I'll also try it with a body-con mini at some point.

The shirt is still available online - click HERE to shop the chiffon denim shirt...

Here's another view of my outfit outside, looking up at an amazing EAGLE mural that quickly became my obsession:

Hello, Mr. Eagle.

Lastly, I've included a detail shot of the boots (thrifted) since they blend in with the concrete, and a close up of my belt.  The Southern Comfort buckle belonged to my father in the sixties.  One day, while in a thrift store on a shopping expedition, the dude behind the counter offered me $100 for it - which means it is probably worth a lot more.  Yes, I am bragging. 

Ciao for now...

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