Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bye-bye Beach!

Sixties-Inspired Montauk Dinner Party Outfit...

This is probably the best background I've posed against yet.

This dress is my favorite vintage find of all time...I bought it for $5 at Aardvarks in Los Angeles and it fits me as though it has been tailored for me.

You may recognize my shoes...I rock them a lot.  They're Dolce Vita's that I purchased from a while back.

Here I am drinking a rose while I waited for the rest of my friends to get dressed.  I love this pic.  I feel like I look like a Stepford wife.

This final pic is ripped from Instagram.  My friend Kevan (who works for Marc Jacobs Men's!) and I are ready to go...You can see my sunnies well, here.  They're from Guess and I wore them in my last pre-Montauk post.

Next week I have some cool Fall posts comin' up...but this is totally a good transition outfit that I would be down with rocking through the end of September.

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