Thursday, November 15, 2012


Name Maia Starr

Age I have been on this planet for one quarter of a century and then some...

Occupation  Freelance Writer & Nightlife Blogger

What's your major fashion weakness?

I have a really tough time buying pants.  This dates back to early childhood - my mother couldn't get me to wear anything other than a pink or purple skirt.  While I've progressed to wearing different colors, I can't seem to make myself wear pants.  There's always a skirt or dress that I'd rather buy.  Three months out of the year, this isn't a problem, but I live in New York.  December through February you can find me quivering in my boots and minis.

What's your favorite thing about Dress The Population? 

The wearability, and the versatility of many of the pieces.  Particularly this dress - I could wear it with sheer stockings and stilettos if I were going to a benefit or wedding.  In this case, I had about thirty different place to go - uptown and downtown - and so I needed to keep it chic enough for fancy-pants Midtown, but edgy enough to navigate Lower Manhattan post-Sandy.

Where were you going, exactly?

First I had dinner at ALTA with my friend Gatsby on West 10th Street because I was writing a focus piece on downtown restaurants in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy...Dining out downtown is a huge deal right now!  Restaurants lost a lot of money - and so did the people who work in them!  Then, I had to go to Beauty & Essex on the Lower East Side because I had to swing through for a friend's birthday.  Gatsby wanted to change so we headed to her apartment in the Windsor Arms.  It took her forever to change so naturally I took some pictures of myself lounging on her bed.  The bottom left picture is of me finding out they were - for some sad reason - not giving out free champagne in the ladies room of Beauty & Essex.  Usually they do!  We moved the party to the bar at The St. Regis all the way uptown, which is where you see me in front of a fireplace in the bottom right picture.  That dress went everywhere!

Tell us more about your styling...

It's not that unusual that a night out in New York will take you from a dive bar to a restaurant to a midtown hotel and vice versa.  Fortunately, you can wear vintage leather just about everywhere.  I loved the way the roughness of the leather worked in juxtaposition to the utter glam of the dress.

I added an ivory and silver clutch to lighten things up...usually I hate carrying clutches because I leave the everywhere, but this one just worked so well with the sparkle of the dress.

My lipstick is NARS Red Lizard.  It's a great red.  

My boots are Diesel from about four or five years ago.  I bought them with my Dad in SoHo when we were supposed to be picking out Christmas Gifts for my Mom.

The leather jacket is a vintage score...if I told you where I scored it, I'd have to kill you.

What are your favorite brands? 

Usually I'm partial to Marc Jacobs, or for fancier occasions, Ted Baker or Nicole Miller. and then other than that I shop vintage or online boutiques like NastyGal and Lulus.  There's nothing I hate more than Tory Burch flats. 

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